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Amos Chapman

Famous Civilian Indian Scout for the U.S. Army, was born in 1839 and died in 1925 He was one of five survivors of the 1874 Buffalo Wallow Fight, and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his efforts. Chapman married a Cheye ...

California Road

First Crossed Here 1849. Near here on May 28, 1849,, was the camp of a large party of gold seekers en route to California with a military escort under the command of Captain R B Marcy. The California Road was used by travelers for over ...

Carry A. Nation

A long cabin on this quarter section was the home of the nationally known Carry Nation and husband David. Carry worked in the church, sometimes preaching in her husband's stead. She would frequently load her buggy with bricks and go o ...

Dewey County Courthouse

Dewey County Courthouse was added to the National Registers of Historical Places in 1985. Next door to the Courthouse is the Dewey County Jailhouse Museum.

Dodge City Trail

Over this famous Western Trail, 11,000,000 cattle and horses were driven from Texas through Indian Ter. to Kansas. First drive, 1874; the last, 1893, whith the opening of this country as part of the Cherokee Strip. The herds supplied ...

Great Western Trail

In 1874, the cattle ranchers of the San Antonio, Texas area began blazing a trail with their large herds of longhorn cattle through western Indian Territory to the railhead at Dodge City, Kansas and to markets beyond into Canada and the ...

Little Louieville

Seiling's first half-mile oval was built at the northeast edge of town early in the 1900s. The races became bigger and better. A grandstand was built and people from coast to coast were talking about "Little Louieville." Races where ...

Seiling Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park. In honor of all U.S. Military personel past, present and future whose service in defending the free world is greatly ....

Vici Historical Society

Home of the Vici Historical Society, an old MKT Katy railroad depot.

Dewey County

Dewey County, Oklahoma

County Seat: Taloga, OK 73667

Wikipedia: Dewey County, Oklahoma

National Register of Historic Places for Dewey County, Oklahoma

Dewey County was named for Adm. George Dewey. The county was formerly part of the Cheyenne-Arapaho Reservation.