First Cultivated Tree

Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)

First Cultivated Tree

From Chouteu's Post at SalinaTransplanted From site of State's first permanent white settlement, this tree is a descendant of first trees ever set out by white man in Oklahoma. Seedling ----- in 19th century & grew to maturity------- -----frontier mansion of A. P. Chouteau.Oklahoma historical Society. 1960

Ailanthus altissima - Tree of HeavenDrawing of Foliage and Seeds of Ailanthus altissimaAilanthus altissima is native to Asia, and began its journey west by being introduced to Europe in 1751 by a French Jesuit priest who brought it from Nanking, China to England. The first known specimen was brought into the United States a few decades later by William Hamilton, who planted this species in Philadelphia (Shah 1997). People admired the beautiful foliage of these fast-growing trees, and for over a century have been planting it as an ornamental, although the males of the species often emit a foul-smelling odor.


Old Oklahoma Historical Society Building
Also known as Wiley Post Historical Building
2100 Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City

Located on the lawn on west side of building

35.49030, -97.50229
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Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)
Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)


Link: Note: Paradise Tree is also called Tree of Heaven.

This tree is still living and is located on the southwest side of Ferry Street in Salina, right next to part of the Lake Hudson dike, Salina, OK

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