Last Boomer Town

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About 3/4 mi. east. Here 300 armed"boomers" made their last stand forsettlement of the Oklahoma country,led by Wm. L. Couch, and surrenderedto U.S. Cavalary troops commanded byCol. E. Hatch, Jan. 26, 1885. On thissite the "boomers" had built log cabinsand dugouts for their town ofStillwater founded by them Dec. 12, 1884.


1506 S. Main St. across the street from Fire Station No. 1 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

36.112475, -97.057332
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Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)
Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)
Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)



Boomer - A nickname and organization of advocates for the opening of the Oklahoma Territory for settlement.

Links: * Directions and description from Mark of Heritage, by Muriel H. Wright

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