Black Beaver

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Black Beaver
The famous Delaware Indian Scout
Lived 1/2 mile NW of Anadarko, His gravesite was located near his home site before being moved to Ft. Sill, Comanche County, Ok


Fort Sill, OK. Old Post Cemetery, Chiefs Knoll

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Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)



National Register of Historic Places:

Black Beaver's Grave ** (added 1999 - Object - #73002256)
N of Anadarko, Anadarko
Historic Significance: Person
Historic Person: Black Beaver
Area of Significance: Native American, Military, Exploration/Settlement
Period of Significance: 1825-1849, 1850-1874, 1875-1899
Owner: Federal
Historic Function: Funerary
Historic Sub-function: Graves/Burials
Current Function: Funerary
Current Sub-function: Graves/Burials

Chief's Knoll

Chiefs Knoll *** (added 1978 - Site - #78002229)
Also known as Post Cemetery
Macomb and Burrill Rds., Fort Sill
Historic Significance: Event
Area of Significance: Native American, Military
Period of Significance: 1850-1874, 1875-1899
Owner: Federal
Historic Function: Defense, Funerary
Historic Sub-function: Cemetery
Current Function: Defense, Funerary
Current Sub-function: Cemetery

More Pictures:

Old Fort Sill Cemetery
Old Post Cemetery, Ft. Sill, Ok.

Fort Sill Cemetery

Foot marker Of Black Beaver.
Boy Scout of American
Black Beaver Council
Chiefs' Knoll inside the Old Ft.Sill Cemetery

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