Reeves Brothers Casino

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Reeves Brothers CasinoOne of the most notorious gambling houses of the Southwest, opened in a tent April 23, 1889. Soon a frame building went up later replaced by brick. The owners claimed their doors never closed, day or night for 15 years. When closed by prohibition in 1907, a key could not be found. Inside a sign proclaimed: "We the citizens of Guthrie are law-abiding people. But to anyone coming here looking for trouble, we always keep it in stock with a written guarantee that we will give you a decent burial. We will wash your face, comb your hair, and polish your boots. Place your sombrero on your grave, and erect a momento as a warning to others saying... "he tried and failed."

Presented by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation - 1980


Marker Only:
Located in front of Honor Park/Veteran Monument
Guthrie, Oklahoma

35.87722, -97.42768
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Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)
Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)



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