Site of Beginning Trip of Abernathy Boys to New York City in 1910

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Site of Beginning Trip of Abernathy Boysto New York City in 1910

On April 5, 1910 5 year old Bud and 9 year old Temple Abernathyleft the Crossroads Ranch near Frederick, Oklahoma and traveledalone on horseback to New York City. Their father, JackAbernathy, a close friend of President Theodore Roosevelt, wasplanning to meet the President in New York City following anAfrican Safari trip. His two young sons begged him to allowthem to travel the 2,000 miles on horseback to meet their dad andPresident Roosevelt.

The young boys became famous as they crossed the country. Theyhad many adventures and arrived in New York City as plannedon June 18, 1910. While in New York City , Bud and Templeconvinced their father to buy a Brush Runabout. "Wildcat" carwhich they drove back home, and their father followed in a newMaxwell Touring Car. A restored Brush Runabout is located atthe Pioneer Townsite Museum in Frederick, Oklahoma.


On Hy 5 go 4 miles south of Tipton, OK on the east side of Road

34.44927, -99.13240
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Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)
Photo (CC BY-NC-SA)

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